Sypwai summary: history, executives, and investment

SYPWAI's story begins in the winter of 2018. That's when the startup received a $90 million development grant at one of the large-scale artificial intelligence conferences. It is worth noting that SYPWAI was one of many start-ups in contention, but the panel unanimously decided that a more worthy contender could not be found. The committee members later shared their impressions of the competition, saying that SYPWAI won them over with its noble goals, bold tasks, and exclusive ideas.

For a long time, the project was not public. The secrecy of the technology was a factor. The last thing they wanted was for their development to fall into the wrong hands. It was only in October 2020, when all the copyright papers had been signed, that SYPWAI became available to the general public. At this stage, SYPWAI aims to train artificial intelligence, and to do so, as many people as possible need to be involved. The more diverse the information a neural network receives, the smarter it will become.

SYPWAI is physically based in London. Ngo Bao Chau, Abdigani Diriye were the executives and it was they who represented SYPWAI at the momentous conference. SYPWAI offers at least three ways to make money from the artificial intelligence they have developed. The start-up has more and more investors every day, people who see SYPWAI as an impending success. Among the investors are world-renowned businessmen, investors, and other celebrities.

Sypwai worker

Operating principle, technology, and design of the Raspberry Pi

From the moment the start-up was conceived and organized, the company took care to make the principle of artificial intelligence training as simple and understandable as possible even for people who had never before encountered innovative technology. It is enough to have a desire to develop artificial intelligence and any gadget (smartphone, tablet, laptop) with an internet connection. SYPWAI recognised from the outset that maximum scale is only possible with total accessibility when the product enters the global market. And it must be said that SYPWAI has succeeded in making the company's work concise and easy to understand.

The way SYPWAI works is as follows: you need to buy a special device from the company, download the app, scan the QR code and follow the instructions. The process of training artificial intelligence looks even simpler. In order to train artificial intelligence, it is necessary to solve logic tasks. These tasks are more like an educational game. Even a schoolboy can easily cope with them. The complexity of the tasks depends on the knowledge level, which can be found out by taking a simple test at the beginning of the platform. Further all answers which were given by the user, are brought in a database, analyzed and thus the artificial intelligence learns.

The device in question is the familiar Raspberry Pi mini-computer. For basic tasks a single device is sufficient, if artificial intelligence training tasks require more power, multiple devices can be used, which will work in multi-channel mode. SYPWAI took a long time to select a computer that could handle the workload of all the tasks at hand, and the choice fell on the Raspberry Pi. The minicomputer is powerful, versatile, and fits easily into a trouser pocket, which means it can be taken on trips, to a party or to a boring meeting.

Sypwai company

Tasks that Sypwai solves

Information technology is advancing at such speed that it can be used to solve absolutely any problem. SYPWAI's slogan reads as follows: `Solve your problem with AI'. Artificial intelligence can be used in absolutely any field.

For example, Sypwai is helping to optimise work processes in production facilities. This suggests that human resources can be maximised, while AI will do the monotonous work. Due to artificial intelligence, it will also be possible to analyse the personal growth of a particular individual, regardless of his or her position in the company. This will significantly help the management to track the development of a particular employee and thus assemble a strong team. The AI will handle this task better than a human, omitting emotional attachment, the robot will analyse accurate data and make its verdict based on it.

Another equally important area that needs attention is the environment. The planet's global problems have reached the point where humans simply do not have the resources to solve them. However, there is a way out. This problem can easily be solved by AI.

Algorithms and examples of artificial intelligence training

Machine intelligence training from SYPWAI is objectively the simplest thing that could be invented in the field of innovative technology. In order to teach a neural network to think, SYPWAI suggests solving logic problems of different complexity levels. Determining one's level is not difficult. Before completing the tasks, each user can take a quiz which will show which tasks are easy to solve and which ones require more concentration and wit.

All tasks in SYPWAI are divided into 4 types: some are test problems where you should choose one or several answers, some are free-form answers, and some are sequences. Even a schoolboy can cope with such tasks.

SYPWAI's AI learning algorithms are similar to those popular on Instagram, Facebook or Google. There, the system reads how long a user stays on a web page, how many and which posts he likes and which ones he just skips. All this information is collected, analyzed and converted into a particular collective image. Neural networks are trained in the same way.

Learning algorithms

Further the information received from users is processed and the neural network becomes smarter. The more users involved in AI training, the more likely it is that the SYPWAI product will reach the market faster than expected and people will be able to apply the latest technology to their everyday lives, which will of course bring about a lot of changes. Of course these changes will be for the better.

How can I take part in the program?

To begin with, anyone can join SYPWAI. SYPWAI emphasizes that it is not necessary to have special training in innovative technology or to have special skills in order to get started. Any adult person can join SYPWAI The most important requirement is a stable Internet connection.

For the time being SYPWAI is only possible in test mode. The platform has already started working, but the developers want to monitor the process and eliminate all the possible defects. How exactly can I join SYPWAI? You need to take a referral link from the regional manager, who will register the user, give instructions, and answer general questions. All data provided by the user in the account registration process is encrypted and strictly confidential.

If the user has technical questions, the customer service team is always on hand. The users are not left alone with their problem. SYPWAI is committed to ensuring that all members feel comfortable with the platform.

A launch date for the full program has not yet been announced. Initially, the developers want to analyze the data sent by the first participants. The platform may have to be slightly adjusted in the future to make it as user-friendly as possible and to rule out the possibility of any technical errors.

How can I purchase a device?

In order to work with SYPWAI, buy a device to access the artificial intelligence training platform. How can I purchase a device? There are two options for each user, one can either purchase a physical device with home delivery or rent a capacity part.

The device can be purchased either from the SYPWAI website or from official distributors. Payment can be made in almost any way possible: by card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, internet banking (payment in the app or on the website), cryptocurrency, cheques, Pay Pal, EasyPay, LiqPay, and e-wallet.

Delivery of the Raspberry Pi, if the user is purchasing a physical device, takes from one week to several months, depending on the user’s residence place. Logistically it is of course more convenient to rent a device and start training AI today, but it’s up to the user. This does not affect the work quality. And in the end, all users who join the platform can earn as much money as they want.

Sypwai product

Account registration

Immediately after purchasing a physical Raspberry Pi device or renting power, the user needs to register. Registration is available to anyone who is of legal age. SYPWAI has made the interface as accessible as possible for anyone who wants to join the platform and start earning.

In order to register your account, please indicate your username, password, confirm your postal address with the code which will appear in your mailbox, confirm your mobile number with the code which will appear in your sms, and follow further instructions. The whole registration procedure takes just 10 minutes, even for the first-time registrants. Those who have already registered their accounts elsewhere will need even less time. If you are still unable to register yourself, you can ask the person who gave you the referral link to the program for help or contact customer support.

Why should I register an account and what benefits can I have later on? There are a number of benefits for registered users. For example, they can participate in an affiliate program or to buy more capacity. Of course these prospects lead to a huge increase in earnings. SYPWAI is keen for every member to develop financially. SYPWAI recognizes that if a person is financially satisfied and feels comfortable working, they will bring maximum benefit to the company.

Feedback from the program users

Once users have tried out the platform, they are encouraged to leave feedback on their experience with SYPWAI. For the most part, users are happy to support the idea. Some write about their financial successes, some are happy that they immediately understood the interface and started earning from the first day they joined the platform, some just thank SYPWAI for the amazing opportunity to influence the future, optimize business with AI technology, help improve the environment, and simply make the world a better place.

On average, each Sypwai user earns around $600 per month. Some use the platform as a hobby, for some it is a good source of additional income, some started earning more than their previous jobs and switched completely to AI training. Either way, it is absolutely clear from the reviews that SYPWAI is fulfilling a very important mission and helping millions of people all over the world to create the future with their own hands, while earning good money.

Another plus of SYPWAI is that this kind of earning is not tied to time or place and depends entirely on the user's preferences, so it is also suitable for students, people with disabilities, and those who retired not a long time ago.